Straw/Hay for Sale

2 String Bales (45lbs) of the Following:

1st cutting Timothy Orchard Grass Hay

We provide our customers with the countries best Timothy Orchard mix. It is proudly home grown and baled by us. This 1st cutting hay is continuously baled green and dry to give you the utmost level of nutrition. Our forage is the most popular mix for horse, cattle, alpaca, sheep, and goat feed.

2nd Cutting Orchard Grass Hay

This premium quality forage is preferred for the softness of the stem and leaves, which make it easy to digest and minimize waste. This hay is perfect for Alpacas, Llamas, and is preferred by many top horse trainers and breeders across the country. It is rich in protein and helps boost milk production and energy.

Long Rye Straw

The type of straw we provide is the finest choice for racehorses throughout the world. Long Rye Straw is true to its name in being the longest straw grown in length, cut with the grain head attached. Its superior qualities make it highly absorbent and have a clean appearance in stalls.