Some of our favorite things to do when you visit Doyle’s farm:


Enjoy a scenic country ride through our fields while spotting our farm animals going about their day along the way. Safety is our #1 concern, especially on the wagons! So, we make sure all teachers/parents/guardians are aware of our safety procedures. We ask that they participate in the fun by joining on the ride and keeping a close eye on their children. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time!

Meeting the animals

Meet many of our friendly animals on the farm! We have many animals that we introduce all our visitors to including cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, and chicken. All the animals on our farm are friendly and adorable!


During the tours, you get the unique opportunity to see our professional shearer demonstrate how the sheep’s fur gets sheared off. This is a favorite among many of all ages, because it is both fun and very informative. We show you how and why we need to maintain our farm animals, even on their haircuts!

Goat milking

Not only will we demonstrate for you how to milk a goat, but we will give each visitor the chance to try it themselves.

Egg collecting

Our tours are all presented in a way that you can learn about the daily life on our farm, and try it out too. Every one learns how the hens cage works and how the farmer would collect the eggs they lay. We even let the children collect their own egg to put in our collecting basket, as if they were a farmer!

Kinder maze

For younger visitors, there is a maze designed specifically for their height. They have fun trying to navigate their way through, as parents/guardians/teachers cheer them on.

Hand feeding sheep and goats

Who wouldn’t want to feed our friendly farm animals? We give everyone on our tour handfuls of sheep and goat feed to walk over to the always-hungry animals as they eat right from the palm of your hand.

Exclusive Fall Activities:

Exclusive Spring Activities:

Scarecrow Building

We love to be festive with the seasons, so we welcome our fall visitors to bring their own set of clothes to stuff with the provided straw and make their own scarecrow. We also recommend making one big scarecrow as a fun group activity.

Bottle feeding baby goats

Meet our adorable kids (baby goats), and get the chance to feed them milk from a bottle.

Pumpkin Picking

Every visitor gets to go out to our field and pick one small pumpkin to take home with them. It’s a great decorative piece around the house for the fall time.

Flower Planting

Flowers are Quintessential to spring time, so we encourage everyone to join in the gardening fun! It’s messy and fun for all!

Apple Pressing *1 free cup of cider each*

Not many have seen a working apple press before, but we have one and show you how to use it! We give a demonstration, then pass out samples of apple cider to everyone for a little taste of autumn.