A peaceful farm. A change of pace.
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How it Started

The Doyle’s Farm, a sixth generation farm family, would like you to enjoy a fun and educational taste of farm life. You’ll share in planting or harvesting crops (depending on the season), get hands-on demonstrations of farm machinery and care for various farm animals.

Our goal is to acquaint students with the vanishing heritage of farm living.  Additionally, all our visitors enjoy the peaceful farm setting as a change of pace from today’s busy life-style.

Our Activities

Some of our favorite things you can do when you tour our farm:


Enjoy a scenic country ride through our fields while spotting our farm animals going about their day along the way.

Meeting the animals

Meet many of our friendly animals on the farm!


Get the unique opportunity to see our professional shearer demonstrate how the sheep’s fur gets sheared off.

Goat milking

We first show the technique for milking then give you the chance to be a farmer for the day.

Egg collecting

Our tours are all presented in a way that you can learn about the daily life on our farm, and try it out too.

Kinder maze

For younger visitors, there is a maze designed specifically for their height.

Product for Sale

2 String Bales (45lbs) of the Following:

Cutting Timothy
Orchard Grass Hay

We provide our customers with the countries best Timothy Orchard mix. It is proudly home grown and baled by us.

Cutting Orchard
Grass Hay

This premium quality forage is preferred for the softness of the stem and leaves, which make it easy to digest and minimize waste.

Long Rye

The type of straw we provide is the finest choice for racehorses throughout the world.Long Rye Straw is true to its